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As this year comes to a close, I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes, which is attributed to Ivy Baker Priest. “The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.”  … Continue reading

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Sunday Photo Diary

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This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine The book has been in good company for quite a while now, residing in my “books to read” basket with waaaayyy more than a few others. My kindred bibliophiles won’t even raise an eyebrow at … Continue reading

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We Have The Key

“The chains of the world exist nowhere but within you.  Protect yourself from your own tricks, and the demon itself will give up the battle for lack of allies.”  Faouzi Skali The above quote was waiting as I turned to today’s … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Life

“Authentic spirituality awakens the soul, reconnects us with the sacred, and fills us with the passion of life.  Spiritual developement is not about religious rituals and practices; it is about waking up to the wonder of life.”     David Elkins Mr. … Continue reading

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So What?

A USA today article written by Cathy Lynn Grossman titled “God, Religion, Atheism, So What?  That’s What Many Say”, has been on my mind all day.  As an informed and intelligent reader, I know that I should research the populations and the … Continue reading

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Closer or Further?

“Although a prisoner of your own thoughts, you are part of the great journey.  With every breath you are closer to or further from your own truth.”         Faouzi Skali  I was exactly in that imprisoned position face down on the massage table … Continue reading

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Intention and Action

So I’m whiling the day away on the world-wide web with the intention of discovering something inspiring, something to write about.  Even though I’m on vacation, I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve my classroom next year.  Improving my classroom of … Continue reading

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In Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now, he talks about his metamorphosis into a person who learned to quiet his mind and experience a shift in consciousness enabling him to see the beauty, power and peace of the present moment.  … Continue reading

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If you asked me why I haven’t been published yet, I’d have to truthfully answer, lack of discipline.  I am so intent on  the prospect of it and then I get sidetracked.  I have 8 weeks left of summer break … Continue reading

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