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The Ocean Reminds Us

The ocean reminds us that time and tides both take and give. That each drop in it conjoins to make the whole, and that the weight of your sorrows, the mass of your fears, can be carried in Earth’s fruitful … Continue reading

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Wide Open


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Soul Food

” In the case of Ireland, the symphonic note of their national dirge creates a tinnitus of the soul.”    ˜Josephine Hart, The Truth About Love  After I spent a minute or two marveling at her genius use of figurative language, … Continue reading

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Discerning Voices

“You then no longer derive your identity , your sense of who you are, from the incessant stream of thinking that in the old consciousness you take to be yourself.  What a liberation to realize the the “voice in my … Continue reading

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I’m A Believer

Checking Facebook or personal email from work is something I never, ever do.  It’s frowned upon, certainly not professional, and there’s just not a spare minute to squeeze that kind of frivolity in.  My 30 minute lunch break flies, even sans fun, … Continue reading

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A 40 Pounder Removes The Weight of The World

She weighs about 4o pounds  but she’s got the might of a Grizzly Bear!  Or at least that’s how it felt last night as she pinned me to the carpet, burrowed her face into mine, with her open mouth on my eye, and … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Life

“Authentic spirituality awakens the soul, reconnects us with the sacred, and fills us with the passion of life.  Spiritual developement is not about religious rituals and practices; it is about waking up to the wonder of life.”     David Elkins Mr. … Continue reading

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It May Not Be Hollywood and Vine…

As a teacher, I try to mix-it-up each year and vary the theme that I start off each school year with.  While deciding on this year’s theme, I reflected on last year, when I chose a movie premiere theme, utilizing a mini clapboard, … Continue reading

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