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The Light Always Returns

Propelled here by the screaming inside my heart, carpet of broken seashells underfoot, I walk back to the public refuse can near the crossover, silently offering condolences to my long serving 7 year old beach umbrella, just violently murdered by … Continue reading

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Early Morn Melbourne Beach

  There are perhaps ten of us here socially distanced, mostly fishers, men and women, a few readers and one small child making friends with the sand. PVC pole holders drilled down deep, long monofilament lines lilting in the morning’s gusty … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month Day 26 – Change prompt I opened up my Facebook memories this morning and found the following poem about April. Struck immediately by how the current month of April is a stark contrast to the seemingly light … Continue reading

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The People Who Learned

National Poetry Month Day 10 The __________ Who __________ Prompt The People Who Learned Once upon a time not long ago, on the 3rd planet from the sun, a group of beings called humans had almost had their run.   … Continue reading

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Poems For National Poetry Month

Today Facebook Memories reminded me of four poems I wrote in past years during National Poetry Month. I’m sharing them again along with the one I wrote today for your enjoyment. I hope you and yours are staying healthy and … Continue reading

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I Have Never

I have never seen the cherry trees don their pink and white party attire in April in DC, but I have knelt bare kneed in the cool black earth of a garden and felt Spring seep slowly into my soul. … Continue reading

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A Desk Area Self Portrait or Dear Marie Kondo, I Can Justify (Almost) Every One 

Today marks the first day of National Poetry Month and I’m challenging myself to write a poem every day. After perusing a multitude of prompts that just didn’t speak to me, I decided to look around myself for inspiration. From … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Bookmobile 

Besides being April Fools’ Day, tomorrow also marks the beginning of NPM- National Poetry Month. And while poetry may not be everyone’s preferred genre of literature, it is one of my favorites. Ever since I discovered Edna St. Vincent Millay … Continue reading

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I Return

Saltwater. When the words won’t come, due to tears, or frazzled nerves or a numbness of unknown origin, I return. When my head feels like a hundred tangled strings of strobing Christmas lights soaked in frustration and gasoline, I return. … Continue reading

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The Ocean Reminds Us

The ocean reminds us that time and tides both take and give. That each drop in it conjoins to make the whole, and that the weight of your sorrows, the mass of your fears, can be carried in Earth’s fruitful … Continue reading

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