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From Darkness To Light

“Against all odds, a seed rises from darkness and beautifies the universe.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo Look around our world and you’ll see the forces of life persisting and even thriving in some of the least logical or hospitable places. Like seeds … Continue reading

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Day is Done

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My “Place”

I begin with a long deep breath, then walking purposefully, one foot then another,toes splashing in the tide. Watching the surf cover and uncover my feet, my eyes follow the sea foam as it separates and rejoins in return. The … Continue reading

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They Speak You Know

  They speak you know, the trees. Wisdom sated voices, observers of history,  memories stored in rings. Of lives and loves, bark carved stories and tattered ropes. They teach you know,  the trees. With majestic authority in soul secret whispers, … Continue reading

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I Bought This House For Us Today

   I bought this house for us today. It was calling my name  and already has our initial on top. How could I turn that down? From the upstairs deck we’ll watch  the moody waves seek perfection, carrying its sea … Continue reading

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  Peace and Love

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Morning Blur of Gray

    Sheath of opaque morning blur of gray huddles close to dew night slips silently through the pass and the sky’s painter begins brushing the day. CRR 2-2-16  

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Sunday Morning By The Sea

   Despite feeling like excrement this morning, (probable sinus infection) I vowed to at least pay a short visit to my paramour, to simply breathe and listen and flood my cells with peace. My muse apparently thought it rather a … Continue reading

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Just Porch Sitting

Ask me what I did on my recent trip to visit my dad and I’ll tell you I spent a large part of the last week just porch sitting.  Not jetting from activity one to activity two and so on, … Continue reading

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Like You Were Dying

“Set your eyes on your death and you will receive each breath of life as a gift.” Faouzi Skali The headlines today read “Dozens hurt, at least 2 killed in the Birmingham, Alabama tornado.”  The next one was “2 more bodies … Continue reading

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