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The Light Always Returns

Propelled here by the screaming inside my heart, carpet of broken seashells underfoot, I walk back to the public refuse can near the crossover, silently offering condolences to my long serving 7 year old beach umbrella, just violently murdered by … Continue reading

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A Dream of What The Pandemic Birthed   The mornings had grown increasingly protracted, seeming as if scores of them were squeezed into one. A certain variety of melancholy grew symbiotically along with each, until the day so long awaited … Continue reading

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There Will Be Dark Days

It’s hella hard to embrace the darkness. I’m not talking about the darkness of being away from a city, where exponential stars illuminatethe charcoal night with brightness. I’m talking about the in your head ebony that drowns you, like quicksand, … Continue reading

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Mountains On Your Ocean Floor

Are there mountains on your ocean floor? Unseen heights of sunken dreams, castles of orphaned wishes  tossed into wells of hope?  Dirigibles of leaden doubt, waiting to be melded by beams of light,  into the multicolored hues of possibility that … Continue reading

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Stormy Satellite Message

Through neon noise and simmering static. Fragments of images  splashing on the screen, signals crossed and split amongst summer storm clouds, yet a harbinger of hope appears,  calling us to action. Carry on the good fight  you heroes and heroines. … Continue reading

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From Darkness To Light

“Against all odds, a seed rises from darkness and beautifies the universe.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo Look around our world and you’ll see the forces of life persisting and even thriving in some of the least logical or hospitable places. Like seeds … Continue reading

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In Memory of The Pulse Nightclub Victims

A repost from 1 year ago.* This poem was inspired by the recent Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida, a town I grew up in and live near today. Like millions of others around the world I have so many … Continue reading

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Stranger, What Do You See?

Day 21 of National Poetry Month.  

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Ours As A Blessing 

DAY 16 of National Poetry Month  A haiku about a boy who has my heart. 

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Be The Shine

Poem #10 for National Poetry Month.

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