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Advice From a Bluebird 


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We Have The Key

“The chains of the world exist nowhere but within you.  Protect yourself from your own tricks, and the demon itself will give up the battle for lack of allies.”  Faouzi Skali The above quote was waiting as I turned to today’s … Continue reading

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I’m A Believer

Checking Facebook or personal email from work is something I never, ever do.  It’s frowned upon, certainly not professional, and there’s just not a spare minute to squeeze that kind of frivolity in.  My 30 minute lunch break flies, even sans fun, … Continue reading

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Closer or Further?

“Although a prisoner of your own thoughts, you are part of the great journey.  With every breath you are closer to or further from your own truth.”         Faouzi Skali  I was exactly in that imprisoned position face down on the massage table … Continue reading

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It May Not Be Hollywood and Vine…

As a teacher, I try to mix-it-up each year and vary the theme that I start off each school year with.  While deciding on this year’s theme, I reflected on last year, when I chose a movie premiere theme, utilizing a mini clapboard, … Continue reading

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Intention and Action

So I’m whiling the day away on the world-wide web with the intention of discovering something inspiring, something to write about.  Even though I’m on vacation, I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve my classroom next year.  Improving my classroom of … Continue reading

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