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Don’t Stop 

I take lots and lots of pictures with my iPhone. I have a hard time deciding which ones to let go of, so I just buy more storage on that mysterious “cloud”. An incredibly large percentage of my photos, those … Continue reading

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Advice From a Bluebird 

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Blogger Heal Thyself

A presenter at a professional conference I attended yesterday asked the audience how many of us had arrived at our workplace or in our own driveways lately and had no idea how we got there.  I saw quite a few … Continue reading

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Soul Food

” In the case of Ireland, the symphonic note of their national dirge creates a tinnitus of the soul.”    ˜Josephine Hart, The Truth About Love  After I spent a minute or two marveling at her genius use of figurative language, … Continue reading

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Unexpected Gifts

I headed for our Garage/Home Gym this afternoon for my physical/spiritual exercise and was totally bummed that the DVR we have out there didn’t record  my Super Soul Sunday this past week.  Upon investigating the possible reasons why, I found the show was a repeat and the … Continue reading

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Today’s Inspiration

Today is trash pick-up and recycling day for our neighborhood.  When my captain of recycling is home, he usually drags the cans to the curb.  He’s out-of-town on business, so Private Rogero gets to do the deed.  Lately, the truck has been coming way … Continue reading

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Inspiration doesn’t always come when you summon it , but I’m convinced it comes when you’re truly open to it and ready for receiving it.  This weekend I was feeling a bit vapid and couldn’t ferret out a single thought in … Continue reading

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