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Lupine Sky


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Beach Day

He had terra cotta skin with tattered straw atop his stringy blay (blonde/gray) hair. Given the boots perched beside his guitar case on the bench, the misshapen hat may or may not have been that of a rodeo cowboy in … Continue reading

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My “Place”

I begin with a long deep breath, then walking purposefully, one foot then another,toes splashing in the tide. Watching the surf cover and uncover my feet, my eyes follow the sea foam as it separates and rejoins in return. The … Continue reading

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I’ve Got the Joy

  Dragonflies (little black specks in the picture above) greeted me in a hospitable swarm. They seemed to be welcoming me while heralding a life lesson. I’d arrived at my favorite Sunday School. As if on cue, instantly my mind travelled … Continue reading

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Soulful Sunday Beach Poetry

                    Kite Running Young kite runner Squealing with delight Captaining life’s metaphor Of dips and dives Careening, climbing Then plummeting  Before hope and fortitude Float you back up  To soar.       … Continue reading

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What’s Your Life Metaphor?

The idea for this blog came from a friend’s Facebook post of the following Emerson quote.  (Thank you JB!) “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson As I … Continue reading

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Sunday Serum

  Dolphins diving, dancing, declaring a day to be enjoyed. Ghost crabs stealthily scurrying across the scorching sand. A massive school of bait fish vaulting in the air, create a symphonic saltwater ballet. The gulls siren, “Drink in this day.  Soak up the serum of … Continue reading

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