Life is Like This

Life is like this.

Unfamiliar paths, 

yet deep roots, 


at times.

Curvatures, branches 

representing the 

paths we tread

that bend 

and entwine. 

We follow, 

we lead, 

we offer shelter,

hear answers in 

canopies of 

near silence, 

cicadas, strangers

and song birds 

call to us in questions 

as travelers and 

trespassers alike.

In the end 

and despite

all naysayers, 

we are one.




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Because I Know You Want To Hear About My Closet

Today I finished my 2 day “closet review ” project. To say I’m slightly embarrassed about the number of items I took out and the number of items I still have would be an understatement. First world problems like that need a new category, a new name, because the word ” problem” is so subjective and to even classify it as such causes me shame. 
Anyway, I used the recommended 3 question test after trying each item on:

Is is worn or damaged? 

Does it fit? 

Does it make me FEEL GREAT? 

No to any one of those got it tossed into the trash bag, rag box or donation bin. Let me start by saying there were QUITE A FEW, “doesn’t fit” items. Many more than last year. Hell, even more than last month! Don’t curse me. I know I’ve been lucky! The first half century of my life I spent eating pretty much what I wanted and still had the body I wanted. The second half century unfortunately has not followed that same plan. But who can I contact to complain? If you find that person or deity’s number, please let me know and I’ll send my complaints to them since I have so much extra time while I’m not exercising. 

Meanwhile, what struck me as quite curious was that the colors that others say are most flattering on me are those not well represented in my closet. I have a strong trio of black, white and gray, yet only a smattering, just a few pieces of my absolute favorite color, purple. You may not have ever noticed, but check it out, the lack of purple clothes in stores is a thing! I get the most compliments when I wear greens and blues, yet I have smaller numbers of those as well and wonder why? Black is a slimming universal match and I won’t give that up, but for the sake of my own mental health and well being I think I need to go on a shopping with intention-specific color hunt and add some feel great purples, greens and blues to my wardrobe. I’d advise a closet review and the same for you. Take a look at how you wrap your soul each day and be sure it makes you happy. That should be what dressing for success really looks like! 
Peace and Love

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Lupine Sky

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What No Longer Fits

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In Memory of The Pulse Nightclub Victims

A repost from 1 year ago.*

This poem was inspired by the recent Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida, a town I grew up in and live near today. Like millions of others around the world I have so many emotions about the event. I felt compelled to write about it and started several different essays, eventually tearing each one up, feeling my words could never say enough to do justice to the 49 beautiful souls gunned down by hate. Days passed and then while sitting in my home office listening to the pulsing water as it hit my roof on a rainy afternoon, these words arrived. May they be of benefit. May they be heard. May we be love and do love.

Peace and Love

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Tasting June

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Beach Day

He had terra cotta skin with tattered straw atop his stringy blay (blonde/gray) hair. Given the boots perched beside his guitar case on the bench, the misshapen hat may or may not have been that of a rodeo cowboy in another life. In the past hour his leathery fingers have strummed an acoustic guitar in varying rhythms, yet only one key, G or C, although I’m too far away to see his finger work and tell. His voice teeters between a drunk Waylon Jennings and what I imagine Al Pacino would sound like if he sang. I think this because he also says “Whoo Ah” randomly and intermittently. Not deterred by having just broken a string, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” (in one key) echoes from the beach walkover. In between songs and cordially greeting every single person making their way to the beach, he yells jokingly at one buddy or another to join him or to quit complaining and go get wet. Laughter rings out frequently, and nuisance or not, I have to smile at his contagious euphoria. Of the 30-40 souls around us on this stretch of beach, his joy appears most palpable. If pressed to choose, I’d rank it second only to that of the two 4 year-old boys whose fathers yell for them to help reel in a big fish and who end up jumping up and down, exclaiming ecstatically as the 6-8 inch catch flaps around at their feet. As they help dehook it, I see the fish tales already growing in their preschool sportsmen minds. While I’m admiring two paddle boarders drifting serenely across the horizon, a pair of dolphins surface quite near, but all too quickly for my age delayed camera phone reflexes to digitally preserve them. In my efforts to zoom in, I end up capturing some extremely lovely sections of sky. I have to laugh at myself as I also revel in gratitude. For me there is rarely ever a “bad day at the beach”, and this one, full of simple joys, has been exceptional.



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Gift Bags and Memories 

Please don’t judge, but I try to regift/reuse the gift bags I receive. As Emma was looking through my collection a few weeks ago for just the right one to put her Mother’s Day gift in, she picked one that had an old card inside. She said ” Oooh, maybe there’s money inside of it Mimi!” There was no money to be found but a high tide of memories washed through my mind as I read the card that was given to me by a dear coworker and friend 17 years ago, when I left Amelia Island to move to Palm Bay. It came with a framed photo of the NYC skyline at night, Twin Towers in the center. The “wild night” being referenced occurred during the American Montessori Society Conference, in New York City, in the year 2000, a year which would prove to be full of grand adventure and change for me, as evidenced by this story to share with/shock a granddaughter, many years from now, when she asks about my “younger days”. (I was 42.) 
Peace and Love


Big Apple sky

rotating by,

Switzerland 2 tables to the east.

Drinks sent and accepted,

heart smiles

on blushing cheeks.

Carefree dances

atop divorced dreams.

Foreign breaths,

universal desires.

Wing women retire.

Risqué romance ensues

in a library bar,

a tale of desires

becoming unshelved.

Sweet slumber of

bodies and souls


The mystery of such comfort

and ease.

Morning whispers the end

or the beginning

or both.



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Inspired by the following quote and my 3AM muse.                      

“I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June?” 

                                        L. M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island

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The World We Want


Up early to meet the morning, the same one that’s already over on the other side of this big blue ball we populate. None of us having the slightest notion of what this rotation will bring. Oh, we have schedules and routines, plans and timelines, but as much as we are the authors of our days, they aren’t ours alone. The Lilliputian hummingbird flaps its wings 50-80 times a second, the force of which sets off an infinitesimal domino effect of atoms, elements and cells responding in their own unique ways. And I and you and him and her, they and them, all of us hopeful as we bring love to the table that the world will respond in kind. With kind words and kind smiles and tolerance for individual differences. This is what we must do for ourselves and each other, for the world we want, we must create, one little square foot at a time.

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