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What Was Born of a Styled Instagram Photo

What was born of an styled Instagram photo woke me up,” at four in the morning, tendrils of words, coiling around me like some heady perfume.”*  Half empty-half full? No matter. What is in the glass is in the glass. … Continue reading

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Life is Like This

Life is like this. Unfamiliar paths,  yet deep roots,  unrecognizable  at times. Curvatures, branches  representing the  paths we tread that bend  and entwine.  We follow,  we lead,  we offer shelter, hear answers in  canopies of  near silence,  cicadas, strangers and … Continue reading

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What’s Your Life Metaphor?

The idea for this blog came from a friend’s Facebook post of the following Emerson quote.  (Thank you JB!) “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson As I … Continue reading

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Closer or Further?

“Although a prisoner of your own thoughts, you are part of the great journey.  With every breath you are closer to or further from your own truth.”         Faouzi Skali  I was exactly in that imprisoned position face down on the massage table … Continue reading

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Noetic What ?

Founded by the 6th man to walk on the moon, the term “noetic science” has been floating around in space since 1973, yet primarily only outside of the mainstream.  Throw the term out at the next cocktail or dinner party you’re … Continue reading

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Gratitude Changes Everything and Is The Loveliest Shade of Green

June 22, 2011 “Against envy, refresh your eye at the source of the gift.  Against avidity, cultivate a grateful heart.  Against the desire for fame, the quest for an obscure life.”   Faouzi Skali 20th-21st century Do green hailstones of envy pummel … Continue reading

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June 15, 2011

“The further science progresses, the more man is bound to ponder the purpose of his own existence.”  Amin Maalouf  20th-21st century Since the beginning of written records, we have evidence of men and women asking “the big question” regarding the … Continue reading

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