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The Other 364 Days

If somehow you haven’t noticed, hearts are everywhere right now. There’s just one more day until the monumentally commercialized day to honor St. Valentine and the ones we love. The markets are flooded with readymade expressions of love to fit … Continue reading

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The Cancer of Hate

The cancer of hate cannot be cured by the razing of monuments or the National Guard. Its legacy envelopes our pure and precious babies, infects institutions and poisons the rivers of love that nourish souls. The vitriolic vocabulary of hate … Continue reading

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Passport Renewal 

Or why I’m awake at 2 am. Because, all the swirlingwords.

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Ours As A Blessing 

DAY 16 of National Poetry Month  A haiku about a boy who has my heart. 

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Everyone Becomes A Poet

DAY #14 National Poetry Month  Inspired by Plato I see poetry in the wind and hear our song in the sky. I taste it vibrating on your tongue and feel its home in my heart. CRR 4-14-17

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To Hold A Heart 

To hold a heart to know it  has been broken  to cushion it and  be a downy place  for it to land  to carry it within  yours despite the  cumbersome  weight  to protect it from  marauders and cynics and the  … Continue reading

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Only Through 

I wrote this in my head on the way to work Friday morning, repeating the lines over and over aloud in hopes of not forgetting them. My purse, with phone inside, was in my trunk so I couldn’t get Siri … Continue reading

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Love’s Charlatan 

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The Best Part of Me

                                                It’s ironic to be writing this now, way past midnight, on a night I should be … Continue reading

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May I ?

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