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I Return

Saltwater. When the words won’t come, due to tears, or frazzled nerves or a numbness of unknown origin, I return. When my head feels like a hundred tangled strings of strobing Christmas lights soaked in frustration and gasoline, I return. … Continue reading

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Ten Digits

Memory is a funny thing. Neuroscientists have been studying it for decades, and although they agree on certain physiological aspects of the creation, storage and retrieval of memories, much argument remains over how the process truly works and how all … Continue reading

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Just Another Day (a writing prompt)

But it doesn’t have to be. And it isn’t. Believe me when I tell you I know that “same old, same old” feeling.  It infects me too. LOTS of times. But the thing is, we have to fight it, because … Continue reading

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That Girl

This is me, filing an informal complaint with the Department of No One Cares, about the fact that 3:15 AM is now the new norm for the non-arrival of my muse. There’s no “obvious” reason I should awaken at this … Continue reading

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Endings Are Also Beginnings

“The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.” IVY BAKER PRIEST Midnight marks the Autumnal Equinox and the first day of Fall. Fall doesn’t make me think of flannel shirts, … Continue reading

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There Will Be Dark Days

It’s hella hard to embrace the darkness. I’m not talking about the darkness of being away from a city, where exponential stars illuminatethe charcoal night with brightness. I’m talking about the in your head ebony that drowns you, like quicksand, … Continue reading

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I’m Killin It

Some days you might have to fake it till you make it and take help where you can get it! Like me, today. I’m killing it here this morning from my bed, broken leg still elevated and iced, waiting impatiently … Continue reading

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What Is Your Verse?

In my Montessori educator training, I learned the philosophy of “Cosmic Education” and how it is the work of the educator to guide and enable each child to seek and find their cosmic purpose, their verse. Each of us has … Continue reading

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The Ocean Reminds Us

The ocean reminds us that time and tides both take and give. That each drop in it conjoins to make the whole, and that the weight of your sorrows, the mass of your fears, can be carried in Earth’s fruitful … Continue reading

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The Cancer of Hate

This post was originally spurred by the events that occurred at the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA last August, but unfortunately remains relevant and timeless as the cancer of hate continues to metastasize here at home and around … Continue reading

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