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A Teacher’s Reflections On Official Retirement Day 1

August 1st, and for the first time in over 30 years, I am not swimming in a whirlpool of academic related “to dos”, surrounded by a car load of new classroom decorations and school supplies, armed with new lesson plans … Continue reading

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Tell Me Again

Tell me again  why women don’t deserve the same pay men do  for the same work. And I’ll remind you that the  tongue with which you formed those words  grew inside a woman. Tell me again  why women don’t deserve … Continue reading

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Today A Country

This post will most likely offend some readers and perhaps put me on a “naughty list ” somewhere, but today I feel it’s important to note that while we are a country of many freedoms, that is indeed great in … Continue reading

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We All Have Versions and Bruises

“It opened my eyes to the notion that unconsciously, I was portraying a version of myself.” Vasu Tolia Rattle – February 21, 2019 I came upon this quote from the artist Vasu Tolia while reading poetry on It expresses … Continue reading

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Self Care = Soul Care

If you haven’t ordered Jennifer Pastiloff’s new book “On Being Human”, stop reading this immediately, go do it and get back to me and my blog later. It’s a memoir that will make you feel so many things, not the … Continue reading

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Rocketman Made Me Think These Things

Yesterday I lost the sense of being protected. Today I found the definition of my biceps. Yesterday I lost the mustard seed necklace given to me by my grandmother.  Today I found cashmere memories in a 3 PM rain. Yesterday … Continue reading

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On The Eve of May

May. The month of her birth. The month I last saw her 8 years ago. The month of celebrating mothers. The month of missing her most.  I was 15 and my best friend smashed a thickly laden with mayo bologna … Continue reading

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The Ants Go Marching

There has been an ongoing war in our peaceful home for a couple of weeks now. Early on in the siege I surpassed my husband’s college football game watching record for shouting expletives. I’m not proud of the name calling … Continue reading

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You Don’t Always Find What You’re Looking For, But…

1-6-19 Sunday morning seaside. I seek and find my therapist, my religion, my community service opportunities and my gym there, all just sandy steps beyond the wind sculpted dunes. I went armed with a Sharpie marker this time, intending to … Continue reading

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“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston 3 a.m. doesn’t have good manners. Before even greeting me properly, she starts in with the questions, slippery little reptilian ones that slither in through my ear … Continue reading

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