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Early Morn Melbourne Beach

  There are perhaps ten of us here socially distanced, mostly fishers, men and women, a few readers and one small child making friends with the sand. PVC pole holders drilled down deep, long monofilament lines lilting in the morning’s gusty … Continue reading

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In Praise of You

National Poetry Month Day 30 – Praise Prompt Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Hey there tired soul. I see you putting one foot in front of the other and trudging on. I see you leaning against the closed door … Continue reading

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National Poetry Month Day 26 – Change prompt I opened up my Facebook memories this morning and found the following poem about April. Struck immediately by how the current month of April is a stark contrast to the seemingly light … Continue reading

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Quirky Much?

National Poetry Month Day 22- Quirk prompt Of course, the first thing I had to do was look up the word “quirk” because even though I consider myself an intelligent, well-educated woman, that’s the first thing I always do, because- … Continue reading

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The People Who Learned

National Poetry Month Day 10 The __________ Who __________ Prompt The People Who Learned Once upon a time not long ago, on the 3rd planet from the sun, a group of beings called humans had almost had their run.   … Continue reading

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A Dream of What The Pandemic Birthed   The mornings had grown increasingly protracted, seeming as if scores of them were squeezed into one. A certain variety of melancholy grew symbiotically along with each, until the day so long awaited … Continue reading

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Hubby’s Birthday

My husband’s birthday was yesterday and let me tell you, he’s a hard man to choose presents for. Not because he’s picky or elitist or just plain unpleasable, but because he usually has already bought himself whatever is on his … Continue reading

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Goals, Self Discipline and Different Strokes For Different Folks

Writing Prompt From 2-18-15 5 Years From Here- where will I be? That much farther on my path. Retired from teaching but still devoting time to helping children. I’ll be a Guardian ad-Litem, a voice for young voices in family … Continue reading

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I met a messenger yesterday. After my workout at the gym, I headed beachside to the “Funky Mermaid Coastal Art Show”, looking for inspiration for decorating our new house in Margaritaville. I guessed he was mid to late 80s, with … Continue reading

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Your Story

“Words carry small oceans on their backs.” Lidia Yuknavitch- The Small Backs of Children They do indeed. If you haven’t read the stunning book that the above quote comes from, you absolutely should, but that’s not what this blog is … Continue reading

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