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No More Pretend

“I’m done acting a certain way when I’m around him. I’m tired of having to pretend I don’t feel manipulated. It’s his terms always, with no consideration of others and that just irks me to no end. I’m done pretending!” … Continue reading

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Wide Open


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Adjusting My Aperture

Ranting me: “How in the world is it possible not to know that, to not see that information or give it ?! It’s included right there! How/Why does that happen?” Trying to de-escalate my rant Hubs: “Well honey, they’re obviously so hyper-focused on the … Continue reading

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Blogger Heal Thyself

A presenter at a professional conference I attended yesterday asked the audience how many of us had arrived at our workplace or in our own driveways lately and had no idea how we got there.  I saw quite a few … Continue reading

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We Have The Key

“The chains of the world exist nowhere but within you.  Protect yourself from your own tricks, and the demon itself will give up the battle for lack of allies.”  Faouzi Skali The above quote was waiting as I turned to today’s … Continue reading

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Discerning Voices

“You then no longer derive your identity , your sense of who you are, from the incessant stream of thinking that in the old consciousness you take to be yourself.  What a liberation to realize the the “voice in my … Continue reading

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Empty Mind – Full Mind

“Try and be a sheet of paper with nothing on it.  Be a spot of ground where nothing is growing, where something might be planted, a seed , possibly from the Absolute.”        Rumi SO today is one of those days, … Continue reading

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Closer or Further?

“Although a prisoner of your own thoughts, you are part of the great journey.  With every breath you are closer to or further from your own truth.”         Faouzi Skali  I was exactly in that imprisoned position face down on the massage table … Continue reading

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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Over the last three months, one of my husband’s former high school classmates has proven herself to be this logophile’s most vexing adversary!  We’ve been playing “Words With Friends” in cyberspace, and are currently nearing the end of our 7th game.  Once … Continue reading

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