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Full Disclosure 

Full Disclosure  I’m not a big selfie person. Never mastered the perfect angle, head tilt, lighting or stance that would make the camera my friend. I get irritated at the hubs when he posts non- approved photos of me. He … Continue reading

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My dear friend Becky and I often share books we’ve discovered and loved. Most recently she shared “Autumn”, the first of four anticipated, seasonal titled volumes of reflections by Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard, in which he describes the material … Continue reading

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Mountains On Your Ocean Floor

Are there mountains on your ocean floor? Unseen heights of sunken dreams, castles of orphaned wishes  tossed into wells of hope?  Dirigibles of leaden doubt, waiting to be melded by beams of light,  into the multicolored hues of possibility that … Continue reading

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Adjusting My Aperture

Ranting me: “How in the world is it possible not to know that, to not see that information or give it ?! It’s included right there! How/Why does that happen?” Trying to de-escalate my rant Hubs: “Well honey, they’re obviously so hyper-focused on the … Continue reading

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Blogger Heal Thyself

A presenter at a professional conference I attended yesterday asked the audience how many of us had arrived at our workplace or in our own driveways lately and had no idea how we got there.  I saw quite a few … Continue reading

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We Have The Key

“The chains of the world exist nowhere but within you.  Protect yourself from your own tricks, and the demon itself will give up the battle for lack of allies.”  Faouzi Skali The above quote was waiting as I turned to today’s … Continue reading

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Secret Rewards

I’m usually not a big fan of Mondays, but today turned out to be exceptionally good.  The workday progressed smoothly, without major adult issues or even the predictably normal preteen drama. Hubbie had an after work dinner event, so I thought it would be … Continue reading

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Day 7- A Month of Seussisms- Eyes Open

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” ˜Dr. Seuss The exact point in time at which it happened remains a mystery to me, but somewhere along the way I became afraid of heights.  I think it must … Continue reading

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Discerning Voices

“You then no longer derive your identity , your sense of who you are, from the incessant stream of thinking that in the old consciousness you take to be yourself.  What a liberation to realize the the “voice in my … Continue reading

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