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I met a messenger yesterday. After my workout at the gym, I headed beachside to the “Funky Mermaid Coastal Art Show”, looking for inspiration for decorating our new house in Margaritaville. I guessed he was mid to late 80s, with … Continue reading

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Your Story

“Words carry small oceans on their backs.” Lidia Yuknavitch- The Small Backs of Children They do indeed. If you haven’t read the stunning book that the above quote comes from, you absolutely should, but that’s not what this blog is … Continue reading

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“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston 3 a.m. doesn’t have good manners. Before even greeting me properly, she starts in with the questions, slippery little reptilian ones…

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I Return

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Saltwater. When the words won’t come, due to tears, or frazzled nerves or a numbness of unknown origin, I return. When my head feels like a hundred tangled strings of strobing Christmas lights soaked…

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Ten Digits

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Memory is a funny thing. Neuroscientists have been studying it for decades, and although they agree on certain physiological aspects of the creation, storage and retrieval of memories, much argument remains over how the…

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Love is Love is Love

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Love is Love is Love There is no alternative. On Saturday I cried. Not the sad cry of heartache, loss or grief, but one of life’s happy cries, a wedding cry. I’m not “The…

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A Teacher’s Reflections On Official Retirement Day 1

August 1st, and for the first time in over 30 years, I am not swimming in a whirlpool of academic related “to dos”, surrounded by a car load of new classroom decorations and school supplies, armed with new lesson plans … Continue reading

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Tell Me Again

Tell me again  why women don’t deserve the same pay men do  for the same work. And I’ll remind you that the  tongue with which you formed those words  grew inside a woman. Tell me again  why women don’t deserve … Continue reading

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Today A Country

This post will most likely offend some readers and perhaps put me on a “naughty list ” somewhere, but today I feel it’s important to note that while we are a country of many freedoms, that is indeed great in … Continue reading

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We All Have Versions and Bruises

“It opened my eyes to the notion that unconsciously, I was portraying a version of myself.” Vasu Tolia Rattle – February 21, 2019 I came upon this quote from the artist Vasu Tolia while reading poetry on It expresses … Continue reading

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