Carol Reedy Rogero is a poet/writer, red thread follower, light chaser and lover of books and travel. She scours the beaches regularly for trash and heart shaped coquina. She blogs at http://www.thispedestrianlife.wordpress.com, and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ThisPedestrianLife, where she hopes readers feel a connection and find something inspirational that speaks to their heart and touches their soul. Connect with her on Medium at Carol Reedy Rogero and Instagram at #thispedestrianlife. Her work has been published in Where Journeys Meet, The Voice of Women’s Poetry, an anthology edited by Catherine Ghosh and has also been featured on the web at The Tattooed Buddha, The Manifest-Station, Women’s Spiritual Poetry Blogspot, Some Talk of You and Me, Graceful After Midlife, Midlife at the Oasis and at Merakiii.com.

6 Responses to About

  1. you were kind enough to take the time to comment on a blog i wrote, so i thought i would
    visit with you via cyberspace. i’m so honored to “meet” you, to get to know you, so to speak, to listen intently to your words, to hear your heart-speak, resonate with your truths (which just so happen to mirror my own), and find new and deeply insightful wisdom from the people you quote.
    i look forward to walking with you on this journey we call life.
    with deep gratitude…brauna

  2. Thank you so very much for the compliments and for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate it ! I just read a couple of your poems and will look forward to reading more from you also.

  3. Nirmal Bajwa says:

    i visited your blog by chance while surfing and felt a kinda honesty in it. its really a nice blog, especially what you wrote about truth.
    i also feel that same way may be the words are different that’s because words are developed by us not by God. God has bestowed us with love and feelings and we all love and feel him in different ways. our different way is truth for us. Truth is not struggle, its the love, its the joy you feel that we feel, when we are in harmony with our beloved ( for me the beloved is our master, some call him God).
    i will try to visit again.

  4. Om Warrior says:

    wow!!! I’m really loving your blog. Thank you so much for touching base with me on my blog and leaving the nice remarks you did. I just read through many of your posts and yes, we are certainly on the same page, same wavelength so to speak:)

    Have you read the Tao of Pooh?

    I’m a huge fan of Friday Night Lights and I was not familiar with coach’s statements about clear eyes, full hearts..thank you so much for sharing that.

    Keep up the divine work over there and allowing that light to shine:) You are an excellent writer and I look forward to enjoying more of your posts. Thank you for all that you do.

    Peace and love


    • Yes, I’ve read the Tao of Pooh and loved it. When I’m having a stressful or overwhelming day, I remind myself to just “be” , like Pooh. Thanks again, your comments yesterday made my day.
      Peace and Love

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