If I Could

If I could…

If there was a genie, and a wish,

a portal, a god

who didn’t let angels like her


before they were ready

or done,

before they could shower their 13 great grandchildren with love.

If I could

I’d show her the tiny leaf

of the orchid I just found peeking out

from under the rock

where I thought it had died.

I’d make her a cup of coffee

and her favorite snickerdoodle cookie to dip in it.

I’d hold her hands and marvel

at the grace, love and softness

still in them,

after a lifetime of hard work and undeserved heartache.

If I could

I’d put my now white-haired head

next to hers,

and laugh at their likeness.

If I could

I’d share all the things

I know would make her smile.

I’d say all the things

I didn’t know I should have,

before I couldn’t.

If I could.



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2 Responses to If I Could

  1. eccentrish says:

    I feel this one so much. Love to you.

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