New Year’s Manifesto

What a year! Those three words have a different context each year for all of us. We say them with a multitude of tones, volumes, and emotions. The last two years have certainly shared some adjectives.

2021 was ______________.

You can Mad Lib your own choice of words in the blank, but it definitely wasn’t one thing. It never is. For me it was “all the things”, but not limited to: exciting, trying, wonderful, exasperating, dissappointing, fulfilling, enjoyable, stressful, sad, blissful, frustrating, enthralling, surprising and predictable, forgettable and memorable.

I live near the ocean, so that is “my place”. That’s where I’ve always gone to recenter, to let it all go, to get it back together, to feel a part of something bigger when I feel all alone, to call on my angels and drown my demons. You have your own places, so after you read my poem, I invite you to go there and write your own, inserting your own sounds, sights, and feelings.

One thing is for sure. We’ll all be in the same place at 11:59PM on this last day of 2021. Whether asleep or awake, we’ll all be looking forward with hope. Hope that next year will be better for us, maybe even that it will be “our year”. The one in which we’ll finally get to take that trip, get that promotion, reach that goal, fulfill that promise, welcome those loved ones home, or enjoy the fruit of our efforts and experience the joy we were made for.

I’d like to propose that we add one more wish to our personal lists. That 2022 be the GOAT. The greatest of all times for each and every one of us. That we meditate for just a moment and dedicate our brain energy to that encompassing wish. The wish that all of us can come together to make our world, the one we all share, the only one we have, a better place for ALL OF US, whatever our situation might be. Because joy doesn’t just belong to some of us. It was meant for us all..

You might be thnking,” How can I do anything to insure that?” “What can I do?”

Laura McBride- We Are Called To Rise

That’s the message that the last 2 years has given us. We are called to rise. For the benefit of us all, not just a few. Do the things that make the world a better place for all of us, not just for ourselves. It’s pretty damn simple. We could do it. I’ll go first. Please follow.

Peace and Love

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