The Light Always Returns

Propelled here by the screaming inside my heart,

carpet of broken seashells underfoot,

I walk back to the public refuse can

near the crossover,

silently offering condolences

to my long serving 7 year old

beach umbrella,

just violently murdered

by the wind.

Mother Ocean’s arms are raging today

yet I needed to submit,

to feel her have her way with me,

to remind me to fight past.

Past the despair, the exhaustion.

Past the anger and the keening sadness

of these ever turbulent days.

A wedding is occurring

100 yards away.

The bride’s white

billows like a balloon

and I hope she is laughing.

I imagine the symphony of it

floating down to where I sit.

Inhaling deeply,

I will the salt cure

and it

inside my cells.

I am blessed, privileged,

safe and healthy

and yet

this cloud of charcoal

still blankets me

and the light

some days.

There are others

bearing mammoth burdens.

May we all be kind.

Let us help each other remember

that the light always returns.

Peace and Love

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