Ten Digits

This one still brings sentimental tears to my eyes.

This Pedestrian Life

Memory is a funny thing. Neuroscientists have been studying it for decades, and although they agree on certain physiological aspects of the creation, storage and retrieval of memories, much argument remains over how the process truly works and how all the aspects of our human condition affect it.

Since returning from a visit to Nashville a month or so ago, I’ve turned my car radio dial to a country music station quite a few times. I grew up listening to that genre, but only followed it sporadically through the years since. That visit to Music City USA gave me a new, and most likely, sentimental appreciation for both the old and new voices of country.

Anyhoo- driving to the beach yesterday, a song called “Dad’s Old Number”, by Cole Swindell came on. As I listened to the lyrics, a phone number popped into my head and I immediately thought I…

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