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On The Eve of May

May. The month of her birth. The month I last saw her 8 years ago. The month of celebrating mothers. The month of missing her most.  I was 15 and my best friend smashed a thickly laden with mayo bologna … Continue reading

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The Ants Go Marching

There has been an ongoing war in our peaceful home for a couple of weeks now. Early on in the siege I surpassed my husband’s college football game watching record for shouting expletives. I’m not proud of the name calling … Continue reading

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Water Cannot Save You

Water cannot save you the old crone whispered from under the red algae and  limpet covered dock. Her face a stark blue  as if the sky was reflected  on her paper thin skin. Her eyes, cobalt globes  that seemed to … Continue reading

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I Have Never

I have never seen the cherry trees don their pink and white party attire in April in DC, but I have knelt bare kneed in the cool black earth of a garden and felt Spring seep slowly into my soul. … Continue reading

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A Desk Area Self Portrait or Dear Marie Kondo, I Can Justify (Almost) Every OneΒ 

Today marks the first day of National Poetry Month and I’m challenging myself to write a poem every day. After perusing a multitude of prompts that just didn’t speak to me, I decided to look around myself for inspiration. From … Continue reading

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