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Through A Different Lens

Originally posted on This Pedestrian Life:
To see the world differently you have to look through a different lens.? We can buy new contacts that change the color of our eyes or frame them up in ways that match our…

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Ten Digits

Memory is a funny thing. Neuroscientists have been studying it for decades, and although they agree on certain physiological aspects of the creation, storage and retrieval of memories, much argument remains over how the process truly works and how all … Continue reading

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Just Another Day (a writing prompt)

But it doesn’t have to be. And it isn’t. Believe me when I tell you I know that “same old, same old” feeling.  It infects me too. LOTS of times. But the thing is, we have to fight it, because … Continue reading

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Dot Dot Dot

  A November writing prompt …Β  That could be the “hell to the yes” title of my memoir.Β  Ellipsis. Interrupted. Oh, the stories… Trailing off. On her own. Still much unsaid. Amidst the cacophonous din. So much implied. What lives … Continue reading

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Preface- I ordered myself an early birthday present and it arrived today! I’m turning the big 60 in one month, yet how can that be when I still feel 15? All amazement and horror aside, I received an advertisement for … Continue reading

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