There Will Be Dark Days

It’s hella hard to embrace the darkness. I’m not talking about the darkness of being away from a city, where exponential stars illuminatethe charcoal night with brightness. I’m talking about the in your head ebony that drowns you, like quicksand, or the kind that sidles up next to you disguised as a best friend and settles like a sharp knife in between your bones. Can one really expect someone to be thankful for the pain, the sadness, the loneliness of days that feel like you’re naked and being beaten for sport?

Life isn’t easy, even when it looks that way for everyone else. And our world is one of opposites. We can’t have one without the other. How do we learn to sit with both? There’s only one way. We sit and breathe. We start. We don’t expect instantaneous, miraculous results. We keep doing those three things until we’re successful in understanding that change is the only constant, that life can be both wonderful and cruel. And we have it in us, not only to make it through, but to scale that next mountain and arrive at a place that we can triumphantly raise our arms and howl from. 

We’ve got this.



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