Things I thought about today.

I woke up feeling guilty because I didn’t have a to-do plan for the day.

I feel guilty just sipping my coffee in pajamas and watching The Today Show.

I should be going and doing and achieving something outside these walls.

I cleaned the sliding glass doors to the patio and the french doors off our master bedroom.

I did the laundry, emptied the dishwasher, made the bed.

I entered all my receipts into Quicken and reconciled all my home financial accounts.

I still feel lazy.

People are being denied rights.

Children are crying for their parents.

People are hungry and hurting.

I signed some petitions. I wrote some politicians.

I tried not to feel despair.

I remember that my brother survived 12 years in prison and I have no right to complain about anything.

I haven’t written in weeks, haven’t submitted anything lately and wonder if I can really keep calling myself a writer?

It’s 105 outside and I don’t want to go outside but I long to swim in the ocean. With a full size tube of SPF 50 and rash guard on of course, because I do have a bunch of pre-cancer that’s being treated on my chest. At least it’s not on my face.

My daughter called me and I smiled.

My husband touched base with me from work and I smiled.

I watched Ellen and I smiled.

I decided I did enough today and I smiled.

My message for you is to smile.

You are enough. You’ve done enough.

I wonder if I should post this.

It will be okay.


Peace and Love



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