It Is and It Isn’t

I recently bought a stylish pair of pants at an H&M in Italy. They’re pin-striped with the words “Love is the key of survival”. We know we mustn’t let hate win. Indeed we must start showing more love to our Mother Earth and all of our brothers and sisters if survival of all species and our planet is our goal. Yet the timing of writing this, on the jagged edges of recent reports of two prominent, successful, much-loved and seemingly publicly happy souls committing suicide, clearly illustrates that “love” is not always “all” we need. People can be loved by others and tortured by their own minds. People can be sources of light, joy, inspiration and pleasure for others while battling an unseen charcoal darkness, the soot of which coats the very membrane of each of their moments. What then is it? The thing that we’re not getting or seeing? Can we help a despairing soul detour from suicide as their only destination? There is no one left who can tell us for sure. We know riches, power,and fame  don’t suffice. Gutted by grief and disheartened,we may say that even love has failed, or that it is we who’ve failed to love “good enough”. Love may not be the answer, the solution, to the problem of suicide, but it will never fail being the key, the universal one, the propellant with which scientists will unlock the haunting mysteries of the human mind. Until that glorious day, we must not stop reaching out, nor stop giving of ourselves or turning the key of love. For in the end, it’s our only hope.

Peace and LoveD45EC86B-0F83-4706-902F-836A2E3A2DC1.jpeg

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