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Early Morning Swim 

Early Morning Swim The entire liquid  blue is mine. The only human bobbing on the  glassy surface. Hungry gulls swoop and dive. Lolling waves swell and rise. Cotton balls cushion from above. In the silence my  electrons bond and  I … Continue reading

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We Are Perfect

Worthy of a repost. I wrote this a little over 2 years ago, but felt it today  in each dressing  room . “Take a picture of yourself today and look at it 10 years from now and you’ll surely remark … Continue reading

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Things I thought about today. I woke up feeling guilty because I didn’t have a to-do plan for the day. I feel guilty just sipping my coffee in pajamas and watching The Today Show. I should be going and doing … Continue reading

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It Is and It Isn’t

I recently bought a stylish pair of pants at an H&M in Italy. They’re pin-striped with the words “Love is the key of survival”. We know we mustn’t let hate win. Indeed we must start showing more love to our … Continue reading

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