I was thinking of my mom this morning as I began my traditional Sunday drive to church, therapist, and community service (the beach). I usually called her on my way to or from. I think she loved the fact that I was going almost as much as I love going. Living vicariously is one of the few pleasures of a bed-ridden nursing home patient, after all. Within seconds of picturing her face in my mind, a cardinal (believed by some to be spiritual messengers) appeared, I noticed that the way the clouds were obscuring the sun made it look like a heart, and then the song Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale played on the radio. As quickly as they appeared, all three of these were gone in a matter of seconds, leaving me smiling and slightly stunned by the synchronicity of it all. Yes, the red bird flew away, the sky-scape changed and the radio cued another song. But do you know what stayed? The love. Because love remains the same.

Thanks so much for reading my short and sweet musings for the day.

Peace and Love

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1 Response to Synchronicity

  1. Dad says:

    YES, love remains.

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