A Different Kind of Prime

I was recently blessed to spend a girls weekend with my adult daughter. While driving to brunch we were talking about our fitness levels and I remarked that mine had changed dramatically over the last 15 years. I told her I felt my personal prime was in my 40s. Back then I played volleyball and softball weekly and did off road trail biking, in addition to playing tennis and roller blading almost as often. Each one eventually fell by the wayside as I chose to budget my time in other areas. I later changed to Yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, walking and kickboxing. (Not all at the same time.) 15 years later I’m down to walking and Yoga sprinkled with Pilates. My daughter insisted I’m just in a different kind of prime now. I loved her a thousand times more in that moment, but I later thought she was absolutely right. We women have a tendency to put ourselves in boxes designed by our cultures and popular media to categorize us. The truth is that we all have more than one prime in our lives and they’re different for each of us across a variety of stages of our lives. We shouldn’t fall into those traps that try to convince us that if we’re over a certain age we should or shouldn’t do, wear or be this or that. 
It doesn’t happen every day, but this morning I woke up pretty happy with my 59 year old self. On a scale of 1-10, it was a 7 and I’ll take that any day. I took this picture and wrote a little thing. 

Different kind of prime,

Making it mine,

Words I like the sounds of,

Scenes I like the taste of,

Knowing my worth,

Celebrating my birth,

Sippin on Monday,

Glowing from Sunday,

I’ll take aging like a fine wine,

No reason I can’t rhyme,

or do absolutely anything else

I have in mind.


I hope I’ve inspired you to consider your current prime. You have one! 

Peace and Love

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