Hurricane Irma took part of our Bottlebrush tree. I feel guilty for even saying that out loud when so many others lost entire lives. Lucky us, she must’ve not been that hungry when she blew through here and therefore thankfully left us with everything else. As my treecutter son sawed off one entire side a month or so ago, I cringed at the remains and the new shape. Wanna visit? We’re the house with the lopsided tree. He said not to worry, it’ll come back in no time. This morning as I was leaving for work I noticed he was right. The word “indomitable ” came to mind as the morning sky highlighted the new growth reaching up and out from the chopped off limbs. Tonight I reflect and pray that we may all be “indomitable “, that we can find that force within to carry us up and out of the cut off places we’ve been living in, the fallen ways we’ve  felt and viewed ourselves. May each of us smell hope in the morning dew, hear joy in the simple trill of a morning bird, and see promise in tomorrow’s sky.

Peace and Love

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