Because I Know You Want To Hear About My Closet

Today I finished my 2 day “closet review ” project. To say I’m slightly embarrassed about the number of items I took out and the number of items I still have would be an understatement. First world problems like that need a new category, a new name, because the word ” problem” is so subjective and to even classify it as such causes me shame. 
Anyway, I used the recommended 3 question test after trying each item on:

Is is worn or damaged? 

Does it fit? 

Does it make me FEEL GREAT? 

No to any one of those got it tossed into the trash bag, rag box or donation bin. Let me start by saying there were QUITE A FEW, “doesn’t fit” items. Many more than last year. Hell, even more than last month! Don’t curse me. I know I’ve been lucky! The first half century of my life I spent eating pretty much what I wanted and still had the body I wanted. The second half century unfortunately has not followed that same plan. But who can I contact to complain? If you find that person or deity’s number, please let me know and I’ll send my complaints to them since I have so much extra time while I’m not exercising. 

Meanwhile, what struck me as quite curious was that the colors that others say are most flattering on me are those not well represented in my closet. I have a strong trio of black, white and gray, yet only a smattering, just a few pieces of my absolute favorite color, purple. You may not have ever noticed, but check it out, the lack of purple clothes in stores is a thing! I get the most compliments when I wear greens and blues, yet I have smaller numbers of those as well and wonder why? Black is a slimming universal match and I won’t give that up, but for the sake of my own mental health and well being I think I need to go on a shopping with intention-specific color hunt and add some feel great purples, greens and blues to my wardrobe. I’d advise a closet review and the same for you. Take a look at how you wrap your soul each day and be sure it makes you happy. That should be what dressing for success really looks like! 
Peace and Love

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2 Responses to Because I Know You Want To Hear About My Closet

  1. Judy Rogero says:

    So true .. When I moved and had to purge all the things to fit in an RV closet it was really hard. But I have just what I want now and colors also.. Forced you can do anything wisely. This is an excellent blog.. Loved it..

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