Gift Bags and Memories 

Please don’t judge, but I try to regift/reuse the gift bags I receive. As Emma was looking through my collection a few weeks ago for just the right one to put her Mother’s Day gift in, she picked one that had an old card inside. She said ” Oooh, maybe there’s money inside of it Mimi!” There was no money to be found but a high tide of memories washed through my mind as I read the card that was given to me by a dear coworker and friend 17 years ago, when I left Amelia Island to move to Palm Bay. It came with a framed photo of the NYC skyline at night, Twin Towers in the center. The “wild night” being referenced occurred during the American Montessori Society Conference, in New York City, in the year 2000, a year which would prove to be full of grand adventure and change for me, as evidenced by this story to share with/shock a granddaughter, many years from now, when she asks about my “younger days”. (I was 42.) 
Peace and Love


Big Apple sky

rotating by,

Switzerland 2 tables to the east.

Drinks sent and accepted,

heart smiles

on blushing cheeks.

Carefree dances

atop divorced dreams.

Foreign breaths,

universal desires.

Wing women retire.

Risqué romance ensues

in a library bar,

a tale of desires

becoming unshelved.

Sweet slumber of

bodies and souls


The mystery of such comfort

and ease.

Morning whispers the end

or the beginning

or both.



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