Mama’s Love

Missing her still.

This Pedestrian Life

My mother lost her physical battle with cancer on July 2, 2011 but her spirit remains in everything good and beautiful. When I need strength, I think of her.  When I picture love, I picture her.  I wrote this for her 3 months before she died. 

Mama’s Love
untainted ribbon of unquestionable love,
thread through each window blind,
both illuminating and shielding me,
through the dawns and dusks of my life.
those days when the essence of my innocent spirit sugar-coated the sands of time,
those nights when the acidic tonic of my misspent youth sought to corrode all that was familiar,
those times when I steadfastly refused any sort of guidance and rejected the very values imposed,
those times when I chose to learn the hard way,
the stalwart champion of landmine decisions,
those when my selfishness should have created a chasm between us,
or at least riddled the…

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