The Lucky Seats

Sparkling eyes

ear to ear smile

dressed in the 

loudest colors

of joy

with spring flowers

in her hair.

“Are these 2 seats taken?”

“No sweetie! Come sit down!”

Right here! My name is Kay and 

I see the Virgin Mary every day! 

Every day sweetie! And Jesus too!

I pray the rosary every day 

and I see him!

Have you looked at the moon? 

Look at it! You can see the man. 

The eyes 

and the mouth 

and the smile. See? 

Do you see it sweetie? 

You should come to our house!

I throw the grandest parties! 

So many of them sweetie! 

You should come!

Let’s dance!”

Her husband mouthed that 

she has dementia and that 

my husband (sitting next to her) 

got the lucky seat.

But I danced with her 

and joy

all night. 

Her husband was 

only half right.



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One Response to The Lucky Seats

  1. Dad says:

    Another amazing life story delivered beautifully. ☺

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