Only Through 

I wrote this in my head on the way to work Friday morning, repeating the lines over and over aloud in hopes of not forgetting them. My purse, with phone inside, was in my trunk so I couldn’t get Siri to take over and make a note as I usually do when my sporadic and independent muse speaks. Yesterday revealed the person my poem was intended for, yet it’s applicable to all of us with severed threadbare heartstrings, all of us who’ve ever ignored our gut feelings. Less than 48 hours later I find myself awake at 1:30 AM this morning with my brain blasting Janis Joplin singing “Mercedes Benz”. The song is said to be somewhat of a political and philosophical statement about a society programmed to believe that possessions lead the way to happiness. Janis is said to have died of a heroin overdose just days after recording the song in the studio. We forget our own common sense and our own best advice when it comes to love. If it were easy it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

There is no easy way out of it or around it, only through.

*Link to Janis singing “Mercedes Benz”

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