Perpetual Drunkeness Advised

This Pedestrian Life


No, I’m not advising the hair of the dog. I wrote this a month ago and just found it again. It seemed serendipitous to find it on New Years Eve. So here it is. Happy New Year!

“The best path, my friend, is a perpetual drunkenness. Even if your external appearance remains sober, the cup of your soul must always taste this wine of felicity. Only this, my friend, can protect you from an inner drought.”

Faouzi Sakli

Another one bartender! Cheers! A round for everyone, on me! Here’s to us, them, yesteryears, today, forever. It’s 4:42 AM and no, even though the idea isn’t entirely repulsive to me, I’m not currently having a Bloody Mary. In all likelihood that will however occur a few weeks from now on vacay but at a Bloody respectable hour for goodness sake. This morning I’m not talking about the myriad levels of drunkenness achieved through…

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