Be Still and Listen

Rereading old posts in an attempt to spark a fire in my pen. The “you there” is all of us at one point or another. Writer heed thy words and heal thyself!

This Pedestrian Life

You there.

With camouflaged heart

armed sentries guarding the moat

you’ve filled with ten thousand tears.

You there.

Who seldom smile

lest the beauty of your wounded warrior soul

appear bare naked

in divining light.

You there.

Of weary spirit

driftwood memories

smoldering in desert sands

searing the soles

of one soldiering on.

You there.

Of passionless daydreams

suicide steering

into doldrums of doom.

You there.

Choking on melancholic bile

despair’s aroma

layered yet upon tufts of hopes.

You there.

Simply be still.

Take care and listen

as the cicadas hum

the soulful song of your rebirth.


as the hummingbird’s Lilliputian wings

break the silence of your dark night

into glistening shards

and harken you back

to journeys of joy.


as the rushing river

smooths the jagged edges of acerbic days.


as a choir of wolves

howl a fierce “new day” song

and devour your sorrows farewell.

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