Rain Prayer


This poem is an adaptation of one that I originally wrote in May of this year titled “Let It Rain”. This second version was sadly born of the recent Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, Florida, a town I grew up in and live near today. Like millions of others around the world I’ve been reeling with emotions regarding the horrifying event. To deal with those emotions I felt compelled to write and started several different essays, eventually tearing each one up, feeling my words could never say enough to do justice to or pay tribute to the 49 beautiful souls gunned down and the 53 others injured by hate. Days passed and then while sitting in my home office listening to the “pulsing”  water as it hit my roof on a rainy afternoon, these words arrived. May they be heard by our hearts. May they be of benefit. Peace and Love.

Rain Prayer

Wash away

the choking sediment of hate

transported like pollen on incendiary winds,

the invisible film of separateness

coating traitorous hearts.

Rinse out

the marrow deep prejudices

the fear of that unknown, that foreign, that strange

those centuries old perceptions sewed into consciousness

by unconscious souls.

Cleanse us

of limiting ideologies

the unholy lies we tell ourselves

our selfish denial of interdependence

our staunch proclamations of “them” and “us”.


our hearts

that we might recognize the pulse of all humanity

as our own

and save our world.







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2 Responses to Rain Prayer

  1. Beautifully Written Carol ❤


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