Celebrate Now

Hubs and I were watching a recorded NCIS last night ( which is why I’m a few weeks late to the party, as usual) and Abby the quirky, sweetheart, forensic goddess was pitching her new movement, #LivingRocks. It’s about spreading love and appreciation to the people who make your life rock. It’s a movement to celebrate people while they’re still living, instead of waiting until their funeral to say wonderful things about them. It’s about telling everyone in your life what you appreciate about them, now, while you have the chance. In a split second, everything and everyone we’ve known and loved can be wiped out, leaving us battered, reeling and wishing we’d had more time to say things. There is no time better than right now to celebrate someone. No better time than now to stop and realize that living does rock and if we just open ourselves up and truly see others, we’ll see angels among us. We’ll see those whose kind words push the reset button on a craptastic day. We’ll see the friend who stops their work to help you find your car keys, so you can go home, probably way earlier than her. You’ll see the bagger at Publix who makes a concerted effort to make you smile before you leave. You’ll see the online friend who tells you your words touched their heart or moved their soul. You’ll see there are so many things about life that do rock, and so many people who help make it that way. You’ll see that no matter where you are or what level of life suckdom you’re experiencing right now, the secret to making it through the shitstorm is focusing on the good, no matter how minute it may be. You’ll get an acidic eyewash from hell if you keep focusing on the bad. And that shit hurts!

So let’s join Abby and celebrate people now. People that make us smile. People that simply come and hold our hand and say nothing when our loss is unspeakable. People that take the time to do things they don’t have to, just because it looks like someone needs it. People who make us laugh. People who give the best hugs. People who always have your back.

Today I celebrate my next door work neighbor Renee, who heard that I had lost my keys and came to help me find them. She walked me and talked me back to them when she had better things to do. Today I celebrate her selflessness.  

Join us! Look around and tell someone what you appreciate about them, how they help make living rock, because unfortunately they won’t be able to hear all your kind words and compliments at their funeral. #LivingRocks 
Peace and Love

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