Let It Rain


Not meant to be a doomsday diatribe, for there is goodness and beauty everywhere but…
It’s an election year here in the USA and the wildfires are burning. To turn on the television or read the day’s news online or in print is to witness a drought of historic proportions. Our country is thirsting for civility, sanity and common sense. And that’s just the beginning of the list. Our world (excluding the likes of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram,the Taliban, etc.) is thirsting for peace and bands of brothers and sisters on every continent cry out in fellowship against the ever present threat of terror and the suffering of so many innocent souls in so many places. Our entire planet thirsts for balance as we contaminate and alter the very molecules that sustain us.

What we desperately need now is a good rain, which my Cherokee ancestors believed, not only offered sustenance and growth, but brought good spirits to cleanse away the evil ones. The falling rain was believed to contain the spirits of past tribal chiefs, who would battle the evil spirits in the transitional plane between our reality and the spirit world. Today I call upon all those good spirits who have gone before to assist us as we each work in our own corner of the world to effect positive, life affirming change, to make it rain.

Let It Rain

Wash away the choking sediment of hate
transported like pollen on incendiary winds.
Rinse off the invisible film of separateness,
corrosive, under its cloak of comfort.
Cleanse us of the binding fear of the foreign,
the unknown, the strange.
Expunge our ancient perceptions,
the marrow deep prejudices,
the unconscious shame.
Bathe our limiting ideologies,
the unholy lies we tell ourselves,
our destructively selfish pride.
Allow the elemental union of earth and water
to birth the petrichor
that fills our lungs with newborn hope,
yet unspoiled by tainted histories,
endless possibilities,
the scent of a virgin world
emanating from the soil.

The ash covered soul of humanity
cries out for these.
May it be.
Let it rain.


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5 Responses to Let It Rain

  1. Wow, just an incredible description of our world. i have often sat completely perplexed at the amount of social hate that people spew at each other over absolutely nothing. As humans on this planet we seem to have lost our collective sanity and i cant even stand news or information sources who fan this insanity into flame. Yet there seems to be a small but growing collection of women and men coming into a new power, a consciouness is rising, and it seems to be coming from the heavens and earth itself, its begging for our attention. We need the rain so badly.

  2. Reblogged this on This Pedestrian Life and commented:

    Two years have passed, yet I could have written these words today. The drought remains. We need the rain.

  3. Dreaming_Machine says:

    Love This ❤ however, I do feel a great and powerful change coming! My Grandmother in all her Irish goodness said, 'things get worse before they better'. We are heading toward great and powerful wonders. The problem is, are we 'all' prepared? Some are not, most are afraid. For when one lives in fear, fear is all they know. World Powers are crumbling and people power is rising. 🙂

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