My “Place”

I begin with a long deep breath, then walking purposefully, one foot then another,toes splashing in the tide. Watching the surf cover and uncover my feet, my eyes follow the sea foam as it separates and rejoins in return. The balmy salt wind brushes my cheeks and I lick my lips to taste it. The roar of crashing waves lulls me as my shoulders soak up the warmth of the morning sun. My heart smiles and my face passes it on to strangers. I pick up the remnants of others’ beach days, filling 2 bags and hauling it to the trash can at an access. I contribute 2 plastic toy shovels and a tiny green sand mold to the mysterious beach toy memorial. I offer all my worries to the sea birds and one graciously tucks them between feathers and carries them away. Digging my toes into the coolness of the sand I feel the pulse of the earth beating tirelessly for us. I inhale the sea breeze tonic and my lungs expand, yearning to be filled, soon drunk with satisfaction. Enveloped, I release self and become one with the ocean, diving in, floating in its arms, savoring its kisses. This is my heaven. This is home.

Wherever your “place” in nature is, go to it, regularly. It’s calling your name, speaking of desire to tell you its secrets, to teach you its many truths. Listen.
Peace and Love

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