I Bought This House For Us Today

I bought this house for us today.

It was calling my name 

and already has our initial on top.

How could I turn that down?

From the upstairs deck we’ll watch 

the moody waves seek perfection,

carrying its sea foam dancers 

to and fro until 

the wind has its way

and ends their routine.

The walls in the kitchen are a 

luscious buttercream

and through its sun-filled windows

we’ll voyeuristically witness

the love making of sea and shore,

the constant kissing ritual

their undying and eternal affair.

From the palm roofed tiki deck

you’ll watch with smiles as I 

open like a silken rose and 

give myself, arms outstretched 

to lie on top of one who will carry 

the weight of all my burdens

and return peace to my soul.

From our bedroom upstairs 

with walls matching the blue of your eyes

we’ll listen as each day greets us

with the heartbeat of the sea

and each night’s symphony lulls us

into another dreamland.

Through the open windows we’ll 

welcome life’s blood, the quenching rain.

Soaking up negative ions, we’ll scour the shore 

after storms for treasures 

deposited at our feet.

We’ll line our boardwalk with coquina cairns

and the centerpiece on our dining table

will be gifts from the sea.

You’ll call to me when I’m nestled in 

my writing spot, the sunny window seat 

at the top of the stairs

to watch the dolphins frolic 

in our liquid back yard.

From all its rooms

we’ll inhale salty peace and

exhale pure joy.

We’ll christen it with love, dance and sage,

this house I bought for us today,

if only in my mind.

CRR 4-17-16

Poem 17 for National Poetry Month

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4 Responses to I Bought This House For Us Today

  1. Dad says:

    Great write ,you had me helping you move

  2. hannahkozak says:

    This is lovely. It’s so nice to follow your musings.

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