*This is an expansion of the Haiku I wrote one year ago today. 

Amniotic bliss,

home in the salty safety,

every cell opens up


I return again and again 

to taste its essence 

on my lips,

to let its power 

sting my eyes,

reminding me to release,

to heal my scabs

even deep set ones,

uninvited squatters 

on brain cells 

and glands,

organs and muscles.

Each submits

as the source of life 

seeps in,

washes over,

coats and envelopes me 

in its arms. 

I only need 

allow myself to be,

relying on its strength 

to be held up,


as it saturates

my soul. 

I don’t fight.

Doing so 

would mean 


and I

want to live.

CRR 4-2-16 

Peace and Love

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