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They Speak You Know

  They speak you know, the trees. Wisdom sated voices, observers of history,  memories stored in rings. Of lives and loves, bark carved stories and tattered ropes. They teach you know,  the trees. With majestic authority in soul secret whispers, … Continue reading

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Nothing or Everything

“You can move through life seeing nothing as a miracle or seeing everything as a miracle.” Albert Einstein It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I wonder how our age will be remembered in the future? Some will … Continue reading

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I Bought This House For Us Today

   I bought this house for us today. It was calling my name  and already has our initial on top. How could I turn that down? From the upstairs deck we’ll watch  the moody waves seek perfection, carrying its sea … Continue reading

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Salt Cure

Poem 15 for National Poetry Month. Peace and Love. ❤   

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The air in the studio was buzzing with young girl energy, literally and figuratively. We’d come to watch our 8 year old granddaughter participate in one of her many interests, dance. Observing the 8 and 9 year old girls interact … Continue reading

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#7 for National Poetry Month  Grateful, for ambrosia days that float like feathers  on clouds of cherubic song, for velvet nights  that caress my soul  with the essence of peace, for remembered smiles that linger like honey  in memory’s taste … Continue reading

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A zephyr billowed faded gray curtains as dust motes danced with the sunlight in the haphazard room. The unmade bed of little concern as her thigh twitched uncontrollably her young heart pressing against the wall of her chest sure she … Continue reading

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You Matter, Yes You Do

   Blue hair, no teeth  sorting through her goodwill bag green and blue polished nails, 30 random bracelets,  Star Wars shirt, pow pow cartoon pants,  empty beer bottles,  bear socks  blue and orange tennis shoes untied, through the window she … Continue reading

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Hardwood Secrets

  The ancient hardwood floor planks hold secrets. Lives scuffed and scarred, yet indomitable. Frigid feet warmed. Firey hearts spilled. Motes of regret settling in the patina, alongside ancient grains of hope. Stains of forlorn despair  and resurrection elixirs  newly polished … Continue reading

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Honeysuckle Days

Poem #3 for National Poetry Month    Peace and Love 

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