You Are Perfect and More Than Enough 

“Take a picture of yourself today and look at it 10 years from now and you’ll surely remark about how beautiful you WERE, how good you looked, TODAY!” That’s just one of the “Jenwisdoms” I heard from Jen Pastiloff Taleghany at a Writing and the Body workshop led by her and another equally phenomenal spirit doula and author Lidia Yuknavitch (who I think I have a girl crush on, shhhhhh) in beautiful Portland, Oregon this past weekend. As my hubby and I approach our 10th wedding anniversary, I was reminiscing through our wedding photos a week or so ago and did EXACTLY that! I remarked, “If only I still looked like that!” Jen was absolutely right! Ten years from now I’ll be saying the same thing about today. And guess what? So will you! The point I believe she was making is that we often see ourselves through some pretty jacked up lenses! Why do we wear them? Why are we our own worst critics? My God! Imagine how self confident we’d feel every single day if we took them off! Imagine the butterfly effect ramifications of that self confidence, not just in our own lives, but in the lives of others, and out in the world!

We are enough! Perfectly created, one of a kind, each of us unique and beautiful in a way that belongs only to us.

Today, I encourage you, female or male, to remind yourself of that! There might not be anyone else in our lives at this moment that helps us remember, but that’s okay. I know some days we’ll need extra reminders, and some days maybe even extra, extra reminders.

So surround yourself with reminders like this-

ipad7-21-15 837
And this-


And this-

Hello gorgeous
And promise this-

eyes of love

You are perfect and more than enough! Believe it!

Peace and Love




PS – While I know it’s a generalization, I still believe it’s an understatement to say that women can be especially prone to physical self criticism. Popular media and cultural expectations can crush a girl before she hits puberty. “Jen Pastiloff and her friend Lara Heimann are tying to do something to counter that fact with their Girl Power: You Are Enough workshops. For girls 12 and up, the empowering sessions are meant to instill confidence and self-love, reminding them that they are enough, no matter what.” Check them out on Jen’s website The Manifest – Station @

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4 Responses to You Are Perfect and More Than Enough 

  1. Dad says:

    Carol, your writing, like you, gets more beautiful every day.

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks Carol for a great reminder. Such an important message for us all. Love

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