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You Are Perfect and More Than Enough 

“Take a picture of yourself today and look at it 10 years from now and you’ll surely remark about how beautiful you WERE, how good you looked, TODAY!” That’s just one of the “Jenwisdoms” I heard from Jen Pastiloff Taleghany at … Continue reading

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Early Morning Walk

   The street is silent as Spring sneaks ever so quietly in, half of the world still sleeping. Pillowy gray clouds hang like winter’s afghan of comfort, ready to be peeled off slowly, in measured stages. A barred owl hoots … Continue reading

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    Waves crash  and roar  fizzle  and push sigh  and pull. Sounds  tingle  tastebuds  like honey. I inhale greedily  as salt air  fills my hungry lungs  with purity. Warm sun  kisses  my swelling chest.  My heart  slows. Sea birds call  … Continue reading

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