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I’ll Be There

When borrowed buoys of hope desert your sinking soul. When midnight’s inky waters flood your crimson eyes. When treacherous currents seize your knotted heart. When rabid tides assail your haggard mind. When cancerous sediment forsakes your sanguine spirit. When jagged … Continue reading

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  Peace and Love

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She Walks Alone

Silver hair, slight build, they were nearly twins. White baseball caps, baby blue Members Only windbreakers, freshly pressed khaki trousers and matching white tennis shoes. Always ready with a golf umbrella for two, the Mr. carrying it overhead if the … Continue reading

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Morning Blur of Gray

    Sheath of opaque morning blur of gray huddles close to dew night slips silently through the pass and the sky’s painter begins brushing the day. CRR 2-2-16  

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