New Year’s Manifesto


As we greet a new year, resolutions abound. We vow to stress less, adopt healthier habits, give up a vice or two, regularly express gratitude or stop making New Year’s resolutions. How many of our resolves are embarrassingly dead in the water before February rolls around? Let’s be gentle with ourselves this year. Let’s be forgiving of our setbacks. Let’s take it slow and easy and work on the inside job of removing our personal obstacles, those roadblocks in our own minds that limit our views and deny access to the myriad highways to and of joy. At the same time, let’s go big but keep it simple. Let’s vow to open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us, beauty which exists in even the darkest of events and places. I promise you it’s there. We may need others to point it out to us at times, but like our cloud covered sun, it’s always there.

No matter our geographical coordinates, we have the power to transcend that place and travel to another. Ask any bibliophile or lover of art or music and they will attest to that quality they share, the ability to transport us. Our imaginations, visualization and meditation share that same power. My chosen destination, both physically and virtually, is the ocean. By or on the sea I imagine sliding open the windows and doors to all the cells in my body and welcoming the cleansing waves. Whether your place is underneath a shady tree, by a babbling brook or high atop a mountain peak, I invite you to join me as we meditate and call forth the powers of nature to help us release that which holds us back, that which has been detouring us, detaining us from tasting life’s joys. They are there. I promise.

Wishing you peace and love.<3
*You don’t necessarily have to live near or be able to visit the ocean to tattoo these New Year’s Manifesto intentions on your heart. Simply copy and paste this link:

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