The Gift of Time

If you live in the USA (except Arizona and Hawaii), you’ll supposedly gain an hour tonight as you set your clocks back 1 hour. A gift to agri-centric societies, which sadly doesn’t include most of us, the practice is questioned today as to its real benefit to our country. I dread the early darkness as it signals my mid-life body clock to call it a day even earlier than usual. I’m still searching for those “50 is the new 30” batteries I misplaced a few years ago and that quest is hard work!

In theory though, “falling back” is a chance for a re-do. It’s a once a year opportunity to turn back the hands of time and relive the hour that flashed by. If only it could actually work like that, and at the hour of our choice, in whatever combinations of seconds and minutes we choose. There’d surely be things that we’d undo or avoid, words or deeds we’d take back or do differently; much we’d let go of or let bounce off our backs. There’d surely be moments, gazes, smiles, hugs and kisses we’d savor longer; waters we’d dive into deeper, people we’d hold tighter and hug harder.

But what if we spent that hour differently? What if we spent it consciously vowing to live more fully and love more unconditionally in the finite hours that we do have? What if we spent it meditating on having less we want to take back? What if we focused on opening our hearts wider, loving our own selves more fully and leaning forward into our infinite capacity to both give love and receive it?

The gift of time is your present. 

Today is your day. ❤️
Peace and Love


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1 Response to The Gift of Time

  1. writefullyme257 says:

    Every MInute of Every Hour …. I Breathe I-AM-A-Live-&-I-Love-It ❤ – Great Write !

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