Sunday Morning By The Sea

Despite feeling like excrement this morning, (probable sinus infection) I vowed to at least pay a short visit to my paramour, to simply breathe and listen and flood my cells with peace. My muse apparently thought it rather a grand idea and the following evolved. 

As I sat there on the beach this morning, a total stranger walked up to me. With outstretched arm he handed me the sunflower in this picture. His smile revealed only that he was a patron of love and his voice said simply “For you.” 

With my heart full of gratitude, an ode (of sorts) to the ocean, my love.


A couple of writer friends recently wrote stunning pieces which shared the moments that leave them breathless and in awe. One of them posed the question to myself and others about what moments we “fall for”. Which moments leave us breathless, swooning, swaying happily to our own personal silent symphony? 

True to my over analytic brain and sometimes bewildering processing tendencies, my first thoughts were that falling itself is an action most often associated with pain; a bunged up limb, a twisted ankle, a deadly stumble from a cliff. But one of the more frustrating attributes of our English language is a type of schizophrenia, allowing words to have multiple meanings, the context being the key, the prescription for understanding. Thus, where do I begin?

Right here.

Each of us begins by falling! Falling from the safety of our mother’s womb, aided by gravity and (hopefully) a physician’s, doula’s, or loved one’s hands, our state of amniotic bliss was always destined to end. 

Atmospheric temperatures “fall” and freeze delicate flora, entire crops and assembly lines. But not the prices of juice.

Night “falls”, but upon us, and if all the cliquish clouds cooperate, our way is illumined by a tandem pair, the sun and moon.

Water “falls” and softens the hard line cracks between ancient stones and the jagged edges of rocks, while also serving as the blood of our entire planet.

We can “fall” into step, to join the ranks, marching to the tune of a mechanistic band. Or perhaps we don’t and instead dance to a free-spirited tribal drum or form our own orchestra within the ballroom of our lives.

Then there’s the stock market “falling” and the financial pain associated with that, the possibility of the Dow or S&P triggering the demise of lives and lifetimes of saving. 

Some of us “fall” into the blue-black onyx darkness of depression, silently screaming for a lifeboat, often misinterpreted and therefore feeling more isolated and unheard.

As individuals we can “fall” into this data group or that cohort, some of us outliers, ending up in subgroups labeled “unassigned”.

It’s been said that to be human is to “fall” from grace, a once sanctified seat of protective comfort.

We “fall” madly in and out of love as if it occupies its own temperamental zip code, while presently the trees are shedding their autumnal leaves, signaling yet another “fall” season.

In skydiving we “fall” freely, willingly submitting to a force greater than ourselves, ecstatically careening towards the earth prior to releasing our parachutes. In turn we glide effortlessly through the silent sky, sure that in that sacred space, if we just whispered, our creator would hear. 

I believe that it’s only by submitting, letting go of our futile attempts to control it all and purposefully “falling” into the rhythm of nature that we’ll find genuine beauty, both simple and exquisite, right alongside seemingly limitless joy and a multitude of infinitely thrilling mysteries of life.

I fall for that.


Last but not least, one for all of you. ❤️

                    It Finds You

You do not have to travel far to find great treasure.

In the stillness, 

in the silence,

in the letting go of all the shoulds, 

the ifs and the fears,

it finds you.

CRR 10-25-15

Peace & Love

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2 Responses to Sunday Morning By The Sea

  1. writefullyme257 says:

    In the stillness, in the silence, in the letting go of all the shoulds, the ifs and the fears,
    it finds me … Yes it does ! Thank-you for this writing – thoroughly enjoyed it !

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