Just One Ounce

love sweet love

Just One Ounce

To all who are journeying

on broken bridges

with uneven footing

burnt and charred

across tempestuous waters

through raging choking flames

with ghosts of yesterday’s despair

screaming in their ears.

Treacherous tides of self doubt

nor cyclonic winds of anguish

will overcome.

Your destiny resides not in the noise of now.

Your kismet answers not to the voice of doom.

All that is needed is one ounce of hope.

In solitary silence

raise the flag of victory

for no apparent cause.

Invite only those with love and acceptance

tattooed on their heart

to a gala for you

the brave the strong

the one who was meant for so much more.

Declare your one ounce.

One solitary ounce.

You are enough.

You have enough.

Just one ounce.

The universe will hear.


CRR 7-20-15

Peace and Love

***Copy and paste the article link below to listen to this incredible Tedx talk by Jeremy Goldberg, founder of Long Distance Love Bombs. ❤


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